Nwd my book essential not responding

Also, when plugged in at boot up, it stopsfreezes computer. I bought a western digital my book essential edition 1tb external hard drive in july 09. Hi guys, i have a problem on my wd my passport essential 500gb. My book essential drive seen by desktop but wont open stops responding. The first one i purchase around 4 years ago and it was up and going in a matter of minutes. I moved all my music, photos and personal files onto. Fix wd external hard drive not workingrecognizedshowing up. How to solve my wd hard drive not recognized in windows 10. When i first hooked it up to the new computer, the computer did recognize it and i was able to view the files within it for about a minute. When connection port is dead or damaged, you will not see wd hard drive in windows 10. Western digitals mybook drives are very convenient and popular storage options, but if the drive stops working then you might have success by giving it a quick. Wd 2 tb my book not recognized by norton or by file explorer, but shows up in device manager.

Wd my book essential not being recognized in windows 10. Help retriving files from wd my book essential february. Wd my book essential 2tb corrupted and not recognized. I also cant see it on my computer with a different cable and power source they work fine for my own my book. Find out the most possible events, causing wd hard drive not recognized in windows 10, take responding. Recently my 3tb wd my book gave up and would not power on, this is how i managed to rescue all of my 2. Wd my book essential 1 not recognized, stopped working. Wd my passport essential not initialized solved windows. Help retriving files from wd my book essential by sudsy 1 feb 19, 2012 12. We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. Computers do not recognize my wd my book essential. External hard drive stopped working external drives for pc wd. Hi, i installed a wd my book essential hard drive, but it does not seem to work porperly.

I tried to backup my old computer and my wd hard drive no longer had its software on it. Wd unlocker right after i plugged in the externalhd to unlock it then the icon of the drive appears but i cannot open my wd external hard drive, windows explorer malfunctions when im trying to open the external hard drive. I had the flashing light problem on a wd my book essentials i unplugged 2 fans that were plugged into an extension cord plugged my hd and. I keep getting unknown usb device device descriptor request failed code 43. My 1tb wd external hard drive is not working on my windows 10 pc and i can do nothing to the drive since it fails to show up in this pc. Wd my book drives not working posted in windows 10 support. Western digital my book problem question and answer dti data. Thanks for the photos showing how to get a wd my book essential case open. This is my 2nd western digital external hard drive. Western digital s mybook drives are very convenient and popular storage options, but if the drive stops working then you might have success by giving it a quick. I know this issue has been discussed on the forum before, however i believe this problem has not been resolved to any satisfactory degree nor can an. How i rescued my data from a 3tb wd my book external hard. Hi folks, a friend of mine has given me his my book to test for him.

Wd external hard drive data recovery is easy enough minitool. How to fix external drive not recognized error in windows. My 2tb mybook essential external hard drive wont show external. I said i didnt care about the warranty, just the data, so he said just to remove the drive and buy a sata cable to reconnect and obtain the data that way. After installation it asked me to update the wd smartware to 1. Heres some more info it doesnt show up in my computer or disk management however.

I had the same problem with a new 6tb seagate drive even though i already had a 4tb drive from the same company working well. I know the problem was not with my computer or cables because i had another same wd bought exactly at the same time and it was working well. I have been following with wd support for past two months for a similar problem i am facing, where the power supply cord is not working and. Im not gonna brag my parents and ask them to get my. Then all of a suddent it disappeared and i got a message saying that my. To check whether the usb port is ok, you can unplug wd hard drive and connect it to another usb port to see if it is able to be recognized by windows 10. Wd my book essential 2tb corrupted and not recognized initialized. Hi, i have one 3 tb wd my book external hard drive it gets unallocated. It is working on my other pcwindows xp but here in my windows 7 ultimate it will not initialized. My book external drive is not working i keep getting an.

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